Essay is a piece of content on a particular topic or subject. Students are tending to write essays for their college and universities because this is the way for teachers and professors to judged students mentality and skills. In other hand students want to improve their writing skills day by day and want to be a good student near to his teacher.

This is a proper guide for students to tell them that how to write an essay easily without getting any frustration. If you writing an essay that mean you composing your statement regarding a topic or subject.

To write an essay impressively you have to follow these following steps which will not only help you to create an admirable essay even will make you confident to write essays more frequently. Who known’s you will be a professional essay or academic writer in your future career. So, use this moment to make yourself confident and expert in writing impressive and admirable essays within few hours.


10 easy steps to answer the question: How to Write an Essay


Step 1: Choose a topic

Before start writing an essay on a particular subject you need to choose a topic that on what subjects you want to write an essay. Search your topic online and observe how much data you can collect online regarding selected topic.


Step 2: Collect Data and Material

You may start collecting data after choosing a topic to write about. This collected data is like raw material of your product which you will filter and will use best part from it. Organize useful information to shape them into a format which would be your third step of writing an essay.


Step 3: Structure Your Essay

Find structure of your particular essay like maybe you are writing argumative essay, informative essay or etc. Organize collected information before start writing that you can follow a structuralize plan of writing an essay. This method will bind you to focus on a particular part of your essay at a time. You have to work hard to make every part of your essay extensive and impressive as well.



Step 4: Read Others Essay

Yes, this is part of writing an essay. You are going to write an admirable and impressive essay on a particular subject so read others essay first to get some more ideas and creativity in your mind. As more essays you will read more ideas you will get in your mind and you will know that how more impressively you can describe your statement in your essay.

You can also observe different writing styles on a particular subject. Like non-English person will describe a topic in little different way but, an English native speaker will describe it totally different way.


Step 5: Calculative Data from Authority Source

This step will actually make your essay an impressive and authentic essay when you will include some metrics in that and will put some calculative information. This information should be from authentic and reputable source/sites. Describe your statement according to this calculation which you have included in your essay to convince readers and checker on your given statement.


Step 6: Save Your First Draft

Your first written copy is your first draft and Yes, It’s not perfect and error free. Save your first draft and change it after a sleep or a day because when you read your written essay after a long time then you will easily get your mistakes during deduction which is not possible right after reading the first draft so that’s why professionals and experts recommend proofreading and revision next day or after a sleep.


Step 7: Include Images

You can replace this step with number six step but, you cannot skip that step in writing an essay because you have calculation so you also have to put some graphs or graphics into your essay to describe your theory. Images can also help you to make you essay enjoyable and admirable.

You may design your images and graphs according to your theory and it would be more efficient for reader.


Step 8: Ask Senior to Proofread

Ask your elder brother sister or any other friend or family member to proofread your essay who already passed your academic level because he can be more proficient in reading your essay and can observe mistakes in that as you can’t.

Follow your elder’s instruction but, I will recommend you to check its recommendation on Google or any other major search engine before implement on it.

If you not so lucky to get any experienced elder friend or family member to proofread your essay then you may hire any freelancer online.

The benefit of hiring a person for proofreading is that they will prove you mistakes and will describe you errors in your essay because they will get their payment when they will make you satisfied with their work.


Step 9: Check Plagiarism

This is second last step of writing an essay in this guide. You have to check plagiarism of your essay on the software which is provided by your university. This software will work well because you can submit your assignment confidently if its plagiarism free according to different plagiarism software’s. Your university software is included in the software’s list.


Step 10: Citation and Formatting

In all writing process and steps you may miss formatting and citation whatever you have like, APA, MLA, Harvard or etc. Complete your formatting and read once again for punctuation and feel free to submit it for university or college checker.

You do not need to worry anymore if you followed all the steps which you have read here because all these steps are advice and collected by expert writers. All academic experts consult these steps to follow to write an impressive and admirable essay to acquire A+ grade in your academic result.

How to Write an Essay

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